Frequently Asked Questions

What is community solar?

  • Community solar allows customers to get the benefits of solar energy without installing panels on their own roof.
  •  The electricity that a community solar project generates is shared among multiple participants, known as “subscribers.”
  • Community solar subscribers sign up to power their home from electricity delivered through the grid and generated by a solar installation that is located near, but not on, the subscriber’s own property.
  • Community solar projects must be approved by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

How does a subscriber save money?

  • You will receive a 25% discount on the solar energy credited to your electric bill. The discounts start as soon as the community solar project is energized.

Are there any fees?

  • There are no sign up or cancellation fees associated with Solar Landscapes projects.

Why is community solar important?

  • Community solar is a vital part of New Jersey’s strategy for achieving its goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050.
  • Equity is a key component of community solar, which expands access to renewable energy especially for historically underserved communities.
  • Each community solar project serves at least 51% low- and moderate- income families
  • Everyone has equal access to solar energy, even if they live in an apartment, rent their home, or don’t have a roof that is optimal for solar panel

How long has community solar been available in New Jersey?

  • The community solar program was established as part of the Clean Energy Act signed by Governor Murphy in 2018.
  • The NJ Board of Public Utilities approved 45 community solar projects in 2019 and 105 community solar projects in 2021 as part of a pilot program.
  • The NJ Board of Public Utilities is now developing a permanent community solar program.

Who is eligible and how can people sign up to become a community solar customer?

  • New Jersey ratepayers, whether they live in a single-family home or multi-family building, can determine whether they are eligible and locate available community solar projects in their area by visiting

About Solar Landscape

  • Each one of Solar Landscape’s projects is located on a roof, saving valuable open space and habitat.
  • Solar Landscape offers free solar energy job training.
  • The first round of Solar Landscape’s community solar projects will offset morethan 375,000 tons of carbon emissions over 20 years.
  • Solar Landscape now has over 50 community solar projects completed or pending state-wide, for a total of over 70 megawatts of renewable energy that will power over 11,000 homes.
  • Solar Landscape builds large-scale solar projects that generate clean energy for the community. Since 2012, they have installed over 300,000 solar panels and employ over 100 New Jersey residents.
  • Solar Landscape partnered with Arcadia, a nationally acclaimed technology company in the energy space, to provide a seamless billing experience for subscribers.