Delran Township Tree Ordinance

Delran Township Council is taking bold steps to protect our trees. Trees are the easiest action to we can do to combat climate change. The new ordinance had a first reading on November 9, 2021 and a public hearing will be held on December 7. The ordinance will require all property owners to obtain a permit to remove a tree with a diameter of 12 inches or more. We strongly recommend that you use a Licensed Tree Company to remove these trees. These businesses have the required level of insurance and worker compensation coverage and provide their employees with safety training.

Under the new ordinance, if more than three non-exempt trees are removed, a tree replacement plan is required. Trees exempt from the replacement plan requirement are dead, diseased, damaged or causing damage to existing structures and utilities. The permit fees will be deposited into a Tree Bank and used to select, purchase, plant and maintain trees on Township properties. While developers will still be able to clear cut a site for new development, the number of replacement trees will be based on the diameter of the trees removed. If all the trees can’t be replanted on-site, the developer will be able to make a payment of $350 for each tree not planted onsite to the Tree Bank.