March 11, 2020 Green Team meeting

The Delran Green Team is planning several events for the spring.  We would love to see other residents get involved.  We meet at the Delran Township Municipal Building at 7pm the second Wednesday of the month.  Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome all to stop by and see what’s going on.

Forestry Activity

  • Arbor Day @ Brown Street Park
  • Seedling Giveaway

School Collaboration

  • Third Grade Trees
  • STEM Fair
  • Community Clean up – May 20

Green Team Activities 

  • Movie Series
  • Slam Dunk Junk
  • Plastic Toy Collection for Second Chance Toys
  • Volunteer Cleanup @ Notre Dame Park
  • Sustainability on Tap
  • Plants for Brown Street/Notre Dame – Flaggs, Wild Roots, Pinelands Alliance
  • Community Garden
  • Other Outreach events

Upcoming Events 

  • South Jersey Sustainability Meetup 
  • TriCounty Sustainability Alliance meeting

February Green Team Meeting

We’re making lots of plans for 2020. Interested in getting involved, stop by our meeting at Delran Municipal Building at 7pm on February 12. Here’s a few of our ideas.
Movie series
Sustainability on Tap
Plastic Toy Recycling
Arbor Day and Park Beautification
Community Garden
Halloween Costume Swap
Sports Equipment Swap

January 8, 2020

The first Green Team meeting for 2020 is on Wednesday January 8 at 7pm.  Our meetings are held in the Township Municipal Building and the public is always welcome.  We have a lot to discuss as we plan activities and events for 2020.

  • Presentation by Allied Experts
  • Community Forestry Management Plan
    • Finalize Tree Protection Ordinance
    • Arbor Day 2020 – Tree Planting
    • Seedling Giveaway April 18
    • Third Grade Trees
    • Develop 2020 budget – outreach events, plantings, training, other 
    • Schedule meeting with Mayor and Council by February 15
  • Plan Delran Beautification Project
  • Plan Plastic Toy Recycling/Slam Dunk Junk
  • Discuss Sports SWAP Proposal
  • Finalize Green Team Annual Report to Council
  • STEM Fair – plastics ideas for table
  • Green Team Hours 2020
  • Social Media Campaign – Recycling, Trees, other? 


October Green Team Meeting

The Green Team will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday October 9 at 7pm.  Our meetings are open to everyone and are held at the Municipal Building.  This month we will be discussing:

Toy and Costume SWAP

Tree Protection Ordinance

Delran Beautification Project

Resident Participation Guide

Green Team meeting

The Delran Green Team will meet on September 11 at 7pm in the Delran Municipal Building.  All are welcome to attend.  We are always searching for volunteers and great ideas.  Here’s a list of agenda items for this month’s meeting. 

Community Engagement 

“Toy and Halloween Costume SWAP”  

Community Forestry Management Plan 

Tree Protection Ordinance 

Delran Beautification project for spring

Agenda August 14, 2019

Our next meeting is Wednesday August 14 at 7pm.  We meet at the Delran Municipal Building.  Our meetings are open to the public.  Here’s a list of topics we’ll be discussing.  If you’d like to help out, just stop in.

  • Sustainability on Tap
  • Improve public engagement in municipal government
  • Community Forestry Management Plan 
  • Tree Protection Ordinance 
  • Display wall in Delran Municipal Building 
  • “Reuse” – Toy Exchange project in the fall
  • Delran Beautification project for spring
  • Planting a Meadow behind Jakes Place

July 10th Green Team Meeting

MonarchHere’s our agenda for the month.  While it’s short, we’ve got a lot going on.  Our meetings are open to the public.  We start at 7pm on Wednesday July 10 at the Delran Municipal Building.

  • Finalize plans for Delran Night Out
  • Sustainable Jersey Certification Status
  • Community Forestry Plan Implementation 
  • Sustainability on Tap 
  • Display wall in Delran Municipal Building
  • Wildflower Garden

June Green Team Meeting

We will meet on June 12 at 7pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  Anyone is welcome to walk in and join the discussion.  This month we are focused on finalizing the details for Sustainability on Tap, which starts on June 24.  We’ll also be talking about our Community Forestry Plan, Delran Night Out, other education and outreach ideas as well as possible Eagle Scout projects.  Love to see a few new faces.  IMG_0128.jpgWe were lucky enough to be at Conrow Park during a drone flight.  This shows the new trees we planted on Arbor Day and the new playground equipment installed this year.

May 8, 2019 Green Team Meeting

Finalize Sustainability on TAP
Update on Tree City USA
Community Forestry Management Plan – Tree Inventories and Grant
Certification Status with Sustainable Jersey  
Recycling resources for Website/Facebook/Delran Sun 
Toy Swap
Community Clean-up – May 15
STEM Fair – May 20
Group Photo

March Green Team Meeting

photo for tree recovery2019We will meet on March 13 at  7pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  Anyone is welcome to walk in and join the discussion.  We will be talking about several events planned for the spring and summer – including STEM fair, Sustainability on TAP, School collaboration,   Tree Seedling Giveaway, Arbor Day, Education and Outreach, the Wildflower Garden, Little Libraries, and possible community garden.  Hope to see some new faces.