March Green Team Meeting

photo for tree recovery2019We will meet on March 13 at  7pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  Anyone is welcome to walk in and join the discussion.  We will be talking about several events planned for the spring and summer – including STEM fair, Sustainability on TAP, School collaboration,   Tree Seedling Giveaway, Arbor Day, Education and Outreach, the Wildflower Garden, Little Libraries, and possible community garden.  Hope to see some new faces.

February Green Team meeting

MonarchOur next meeting is February 13 at 7pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  The public is always welcome to stop in and see how they can get involved making Delran a better place to live work and play.  This photo reminds us that spring is right around the corner and we’ll be looking to spread the love in our wildflower garden.

Kicking off a New Green Year

Looking to get active in our community?  Check out the Green Team meeting.  We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the Delran Township Municipal Building to discuss how we can make Delran a better place to live, work and play.  Tonight we will be discussing: 


Annual Report to Mayor and Council
Community Forestry Management Plan Annual Report
Arbor Day
Tree City USA
Tree Purchase
Meeting with Riverside Green Team
Tree Inventories
Seedling Giveaway
Collaboration with Delran Township Schools

November Green Team Meeting

Inteested in becoming more involved with your community, maybe the Green Team is for you.  Stop by at 7pm at the Delran Municipal Building at 7pm.  This month  our focus is trees and other things to make Delran a little greener.  Here’s our agenda.

  • Green team budget request for 2019
  • Plan to finalize tree inventories 
  • Tree planting with 2018 funds
  • Clean up with Delran High School November 19
  • Delran Winter Festival December 1 
  • Annual Report to Mayor and Council for 2018
  • Community Forestry Management Plan for 2018
  • Wildflower garden 
  • DHS Grant application – Back to Eden Garden 
  • Delran Chicken Pilot
  • Members

Delran Green Team Meeting

Our next meeting is September 19.  We will be starting at 4pm at the Wildflower Garden. We need to remove the grass and weeds.  We’d like to mow it down for the winter.  After planting we will be going over to Throwbacks Bar and Grill at 6 to discuss the following items.  You can meet us at the Wildflower Garden or just stop in at Throwbacks.

  • Tree Inventory
  • Community Calendar 
  • All Green Team Meeting October 4
  • Little Library 
  • Community Yard Sale – September 29.   
  • Sustainable Jersey Actions for recertification in 2020
  • Chicken Ordinance 

The public is always welcome to attend our meetings.

August 15, 2018

The Delran Green Team will meet on August 15 at 7pm at the Delran Municipal Building on Chester Avenue.  Our goal is to implement measures that make Delran a better place to live. If you’d like to help stop by our meeting and help us focus our strategies.  This month we will be discussing and planning the following:

  • Tree Inventories
  • Arbor Day 2019 / Tree City USA application
  • Ideas for collaboration with Riverside Township and Delran Schools
  • Backyard Chicken Ordinance
  • Wildflower Garden Maintenance 
  • Next steps for Actions that require Council involvement – Community Calendar, Flood Preparedness, Public Information and Community Engagement, Energy Efficiencies for Municipal Facilities 


Delran Green Team Meeting June 13


Join the Green Team for their monthly meeting 7pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  Our Community Forestry Plan has been approved and we need to start implementing actions.  We will also be discussing the following activities. 

  • Composting and Rainbarrel Workshop  
  • Community Yard Sale
  • Little Library Update
  • Sustainable Jersey Summit June 21
  • IMG_6001

Tree Seedling Give Away

kousa-dogwood-tree-full-600x600_1Thank you to all that came out to pick up tree seedlings.  This was a tough winter and we need to start replanting new trees.  We had Kousa Dogwood also know as Japanese Dogwood (it’s in the photo), Bald Cypress, Red Maples and a new hybrid Loblolly Pitch Pine.  We handed out planting directions but go to Arbor Day to see what these trees should look like when fully grown.

April Green Team Meeting

We’re ready to “Think Spring” and get started in our Wildflower Garden.  But before we start planting, we will be meeting on April 11 at 7pm in the Delran Township Municipal Building.  The public is welcome to join the meeting.  Here’s our agenda for April:

Report on Community Clean up
Discussion/Planning for upcoming Events
Seedling hand outs – April 21
STEM Fair April 23 
Arbor Day – April 27
Wildflower maintenance – May 9 
Rain Barrel Workshop – May 19 
Little Library dedication – May 19
Recycling update 
Bulletin Board/Place for Awards and news in Municipal Building 
CEU’s for Community Forestry Plan 
Email blast – topics covered
Parks and Playground Tree mapping- Dates?