May Green Team Meeting

We hold our monthly meeting the second Wednesday of the month at the Delran Municipal Building. We start at 7:30pm and the public is always welcome to stop by. We’ve been really busy planting trees. We put 16 into the ground last week. Of course, we had a lot of help. This month, we’ve got a lot to talk about. Here’s our agenda

  • STEM Fair/EV car show
  • Tree Planting/Kindergarten Grove
  • Wildflower Garden
  • Clean ups
  • Lake Lonnie
  • Summer Schedule
  • Tree Bank/Memorial Tree
  • Google Drive
  • Sustainable South Jersey Meet up
  • Recycling Tour

April Meeting

The Delran Green Team will hold its April meeting on Wednesday April 12 at 7:30pm. We meet in the Delran Municipal Building. We welcome residents to see what we’re working on. This month’s agenda includes:

  • Trees
  • STEM Fair
  • Community Solar
  • Recycling
  • Delran Night Out
  • Wildflower Garden

EV Showcase

The Delran Green Team is looking for EV owners to show their cars at the Delran School STEM Fair on Monday May 15 between 5-7pm. It’s a great way to learn about electric cars. If you own an EV and would like to participate send us an email.

March 8 Green Team Meeting

Our regular monthly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 8 at 7:30pm. We meet at the Delran Municipal Building. The side door is usually unlocked. February was a big month for us – Tree City, Annual Accomplishment Report, EV ordinance, Grant Application, Wildflower Garden, Adopt a Tree Impact, SSJ meetup and school collaboration.  We’re hoping that March is another big month too. Here’s what’s on our agenda this month:

  • Lake Lonnie project
  • Arbor Day and Tree Planting
  • STEM Fair and EV showcase
  • Wildflower Garden
  • Community Solar
  • Recycling
  • Green Businesses
  • Summer Programming
  • Delran Night Out

If any of these things are of interest, just stop by our meeting. The public is always welcome.

Plastics Recycling

Let’s help our Delran Intermediate School with the TREX school challenge. Save your plastic and drop off at DIS between 8am and 3pm. They are trying to beat other sleeves, cereal bags, air packing pillows (pop them first), produce wrap, and overwrap on bottled water, soda, paper towels, toilet paper. Make sure it’s clean and dry. If you’re not sure, throw in the trash. If you can’t get the bags to the school, send an email and we’ll make arrangements.

First Green Team meeting in 2023

The Green Team meetings the second Wednesday of every month at the Delran Municipal Building. Stop by and see what we’re working on. Here’s what we’ll be discussing this month.

  • First Day Hike 
  • Wildflower garden – controlled burn and spring planting
  • Sustainable Jersey Grant – finalize plan to apply for Lake Lonnie project by Feb 10
  • Annual Report to Mayor and Council –  any final comments
  • Forestry Accomplishment Report and Tree City Reports – Due February 15, 2023
  • Updating our Forestry Plan
  • Advertising for tree planters 
  • Community Solar – Thoughts?   
  • Outreach – beyond social media and multi languages 
  • Adopt a Tree impact – Emily
  • Google Drive – Karen
  • STEM Fair 
  • New actions for 2023? Ideas?   
  • Recycling audit at Karen’s
  • Volunteer hours –

Community Solar Info Session

Join us tonight to learn about this amazing opportunity to save money while taking steps towards cleaner, greener energy. The meeting starts at 7pm in the Delran Municipal Building (900 Chester Avenue). Community Solar is open to homeowners as well as renters. Solar panels are not installed on your roof but at another location. You reap the benefits and you can cancel at any time. If you bring your PSEG login information Solar Landscape will assist you in enrolling.

November Meeting

We are moving our meeting to November 16 at 7:30. Information about the agenda will be posted next week. We invite everyone to come out and see what we’re working on. The tree in the foreground was a seedling we planted in the summer of 2019. It’s looking great and almost as big as the neighboring trees.

Halloween Costume Shop

Saturday October 8 is our Annual Halloween Shop in Delran Community Park. We’ve been doing this for the past four years. It get’s better every year. Costumes can be donated after Halloween or the week before. Costumes are set out for browsing. Great way to score the perfect costume. We do it to keep gently used costumes from ending up in the landfill. It’s totally free and open to all from 10am to 2pm. Remember, early bird gets the costume.