September Green Team Meeting

We will be meeting on Wednesday September 14 at 7:30pm at the Delran Municipal Building. We’ve got a lot of planning to do. The public is welcome to stop in and maybe there’s something you’d like to get involved with. Here’s the agenda

Solar/EV Ordinance


  • Tree Planting Team
  • Finish tagging trees and inventory of trees planted in 2022
  • Tree City signs 
  • Shade Tree Federation Meeting October 13 and 14
  • Hours and CEUs 

Halloween FreeCycle Shop

Little Library at Conrow Park

Wildflower Garden

Lake Lonnie 

School Green Team meeting schedule – October 3 @3:30 Online/in Person

June 8 Green Team Meeting

Join us tonight at 7:30 to hear what we’re working on. While we put a lot of energy into planting trees and encouraging residents to plant trees, that’s not all we do. We’ll be at the Delran Municipal Building at 7:30 tonight. The public is always welcome

May 11, 2022 Green Team meeting

We will be meeting at the Delran Municipal Building at 7:30pm. Here’s a peak at our agenda.

  • Delran STEM Fair
  • Memorial Tree Program
  • Tree Permit Implementation
  • Tree Planting
  • Summer Sustainability Ideas
  • Tree Maintenance/Inventory Update/Tagging
  • Tree City Celebration
  • Accountability Measures
  • Sustainable Jersey application

February Green Team meeting

We will be holding our February meeting online via Zoom on February 9 @7:30pm. The public is welcome to join us. If you are interested, send an email to and we will provide the link.

  • Update from the Council meeting 
  • Update from TriCounty Sustainability Alliance
  • Community Solar
  • Ordinances – Sustainable Land Use pledge, Solar Friendly and EV Friendly
  • Other Sustainable Jersey Actions
  • Community Garden 
  • Seedling Giveaway
  • Arbor Day

#OptOutside Black Friday Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun family event where you can go outside on Black Friday and participate in #OptOutside (  Make sure to take photos and tag @sustainabledelran on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #OptOutside

For this Scavenger Hunt you’re going to Lake Lonnie located at the end of 5th street (past the intersection of 5th and Leon Aves) in Delran, NJ.  The park is open from 8:30am until 7:00pm from October 1 until March 31.

Begin your exploration looking for the following things:

  1. Bamboo forest in the middle of the woods
  2. Pinecone
  3. A place to watch your step
  4. A cut down tree
  5. A rock the size of your hand
  6. An area that looks like it’s filled with moss balls
  7. A bare tree full of pinecones
  8. Moss on one side of a tree
  9. A leaf as big as your hand
  10. A tree branch caught dangling on another one
  11. A rusted “No Parking” sign between two trees
  12. An old “Group Area” sign indicating Lake Lonnie’s previous purpose
  13. What else interesting can you find?
  14. +1 bonus point for picking up a piece of trash and disposing of it properly

November Green Team Meeting

Our next meeting is November 10 @7:30pm in the Delran Municipal Building. We will be discussing the Tree Ordinance, Winterfest, Chickens, Community Garden, Community Solar, Holiday Light collection and Sustainable Jersey Actions. The public is alway welcome to join the meeting and to get involved.

October Green Team meeting

We will be meeting on October 13 at the Delran Municipal Building at 7:30pm. All are invited to see what we’re up to and to get involved. On our agenda is:

  1. Halloween Freecycle Pop-up shop – evaluation 
  2. Green Team T-shirts 
  3. CORE Training 
  4. School collaboration 
  5. Geocache 
  6. Tree Ordinance 
  7. Tree Memorial program
  8. Tree Inventories- still need Faunce, Brown, Notre Dame, Ohio
  9. Community Garden – next steps

September Green Team Meeting

Our September meeting will be held on Wednesday September 8 at 7:30pm in the Delran Municipal Building. The public is alway welcome. We will be discussing the tree ordinance, tree memorials, open space plan, project halloween, GeoCache, Community Garden, Sustainable Jersey Actions and certification, and completing our tree inventories. Delran High School students can earn community service hours assisting with Tree Inventories. If you are interested, stop by our meeting.