First Green Team meeting in 2023

The Green Team meetings the second Wednesday of every month at the Delran Municipal Building. Stop by and see what we’re working on. Here’s what we’ll be discussing this month.

  • First Day Hike 
  • Wildflower garden – controlled burn and spring planting
  • Sustainable Jersey Grant – finalize plan to apply for Lake Lonnie project by Feb 10
  • Annual Report to Mayor and Council –  any final comments
  • Forestry Accomplishment Report and Tree City Reports – Due February 15, 2023
  • Updating our Forestry Plan
  • Advertising for tree planters 
  • Community Solar – Thoughts?   
  • Outreach – beyond social media and multi languages 
  • Adopt a Tree impact – Emily
  • Google Drive – Karen
  • STEM Fair 
  • New actions for 2023? Ideas?   
  • Recycling audit at Karen’s
  • Volunteer hours –

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