It hatched!

The Delran Eggsplorers are ready to welcome residents interested in raising backyard chickens. At the May 2, 2017 public meeting Delran Township Council voted to allow a Chicken Pilot Program.  Twenty licenses will be available to eligible residents to raise up to four hens.  (No Roosters)  Council will be appointing the Advisory Board at the June 13 Public Meeting. Residents interested in participating in the pilot program must attend a class on raising backyard chickens and pay a $10 per year license fee.  To ensure success, the Advisory Board conduct “Chicken Chats” with residents prior to constructing the coop and run.  Once the coop and run are constructed, representatives from the Board will again visit the resident and sign off on the application giving the resident a “CO – Chicken Occupancy” so that the resident return to the Municipal Building to obtain their license.

Delran has farming roots. We believe the pilot program will prove to the community that chickens can exist in the suburbs without creating a nuisance.  Families interested in participating care about their food they feed to their families.  In addition, they will be reducing their impact on the environment by feeding their vegetable scraps to their chickens, using chickens to keep insects under control, and composing chicken waste for use in their gardens.   We are egg-cited to see this program finally hatch!

There’s a meeting scheduled for Monday June 19 at 7:30pm for anyone interested in participating.


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