Next Green Team Meeting


When: Wednesday December 10th at 7PM

Where: Delran Municipal Building


  • Review and approve minutes
  • Health and Wellness program with the RAC
  • EcoChallenge 2014
  • Update on Buy Local Program
  • Begin Earth Day event planning
  • Discuss Sustainable Jersey Small Grant Program
  • Develop Action Plan for new actions
  • Articles for our next Delran Green Print January 2015

Green Tip Tuesday – a new feature on our facebook page

green tip tuesdayDoes your dryer have an automatic setting? Use it instead of the timer. If you use a preset time with every load you are just guessing and you will probably be over drying your clothes. The automatic setting will stop the dryer when the clothes have reached the moisture level you set.  Check us out – Delran Green Team

First Annual Report

The Delran Green Team presented its first annual report to the Mayor and Town Council at their October 14, 2014 work session.  This report documents the progress made towards Sustainable Jersey certification.  A total of 150 points is required for bronze certification.  At this time, we’ve received 80 points for the following actions:

  • BROWNFIELDS: Inventory and Prioritization (10 Points)
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP AND OUTREACH: Create Green Team (Mandatory) (10 Points)
  • LAND USE AND TRANSPORTATION: Complete Streets Program (20 Points)
  • NATURAL RESOURCES: Open Space (10 points)
  • NATURAL RESOURCES: Clustering Ordinance (10 points)
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: Recycling Depot (10 points)
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: Prescription Drug and Safety Disposal (Priority) – (10 points)

2014 Annual Report – Update October 2014

Delran Asset Map

Looking for a few teens, adults and seniors to help create an on-line map of Delran’s important assets.  We are kicking off this action item at our November 9, 2014 Green Team Meeting.  We will brainstorm a list of assets including parks, schools, churches, and places to got with children, teens, families, and seniors.  Volunteers can select assets to photograph and collect key information – names, address, phone, website, hours.  Most of the work can be done on your own time.  When you finish, you can forward the information electronically. Once all the information has been processed and the map is created, we will reconvene to see the final version of our map.