Delran Day EcoChallenge

The EcoChallenge is an annual event that challenges people to choose one action to reduce their environmental impact and stick with it for two weeks. Individuals and teams pick a category—water, trash, energy, food, transportation or civic engagement—and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you and the planet. EcoChallengers accrue points for engagement (everything from succeeding at your EcoChallenge to engaging friends and family in the event earns points). At the end of the EcoChallenge your points will increase your odds of winning fun raffle prizes! EcoChallenge inspires and challenges people to change one habit for the planet. Together we will collectively prove that small actions add up to real change.

I’d love for you to join our EcoChallenge Team and participate with us from October 15-29, 2014. It’s only two weeks.  You can use the following link to find out more and register for Delran’s team.

Team Name: Delran Day EcoChallenge

I look forward to taking the EcoChallenge with you this October!


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