The Delran Green Team was created by Delran Town Council in 2014 to guide Delran towards sustainability.  On December 16, 2015 Delran received Bronze certification.  On June 3, Delran submitted an application to rectify at the Bronze level.  The Delran Green Team was recertified at the Bronze level on October 26, 2017.   Delran Township decertified at the Bronze level in November 19, 2019.

Our Mission: The Delran Green Team is a volunteer group of community members appointed by the council to meet the goals set up by Sustainable Jersey which fosters lifestyle changes designed to minimize damage while protecting and maintaining our natural resources. The Green Team will raise awareness and identify actions that can be taken by individuals, businesses and community groups that that create an atmosphere of well-being and prosperity. Recognizing the interconnectedness of environmental and social actions, the Green Team will partner with the surrounding communities to initiate actions that foster a healthier and more desirable Delran.

Bill Curzie – chairman

Kara Bottino
Al Carp
Candy Cure
Deb Hammond
Sue Hueskin
Kat Malgieri
Robert Wagner
George Zitzler


Follow the Delran Green Team on Facebook or send us an email at delran.green@gmail.com 

Last update: September 8, 2020.